Ahh, a new year of Kryptos…

Sometimes retreat is a better option

Krypto fans,

I haven’t been getting anywhere with Kryptos and unless there is a miraculous discovery in 2013, I doubt we’ll figure it out.  The problem I think lies in intel.  We can beat our heads against the wall all we like but we need to find an alternate strategy.  Since code-breaking is traditionally in the realm of the NSA, we should take Sanborn’s intentions as directions and attempt to solve this as the CIA would.  Let’s try and crack the fourth part of Kryptos by trying to get around it.

For inspiration, I humbly proffer the story of Moshe Rubin (artist rendering below) and the Chaocipher:

Not sure what Moshe looks like so here's my favorite detective

I’m not sure what direction I’m hoping to take but one will be to approach it from an art angle and try and weasel info from the CIA about art they have in the New Building.  My hope is to find some pieces that have some bearing on our efforts that will give us some new piece of information that may lead to unraveling Kryptos.

My advice for the new year is to try and dig and scrounge up anything and everything you can to find something new and previously unknown about Kryptos.  Good luck to us all!



Moshe Rubin can play the English concertina and is a pretty good guy: