Safe House (2012)

I like Denzel Washington as a bad guy.  First thing he says after getting waterboarded?  “How long was that?”

This is another movie in a long line of them (Hanna, The Cold Light of Day, etc.) that show a CIA willing to go to any lengths to defend itself, even from itself.  The good guys get dumped on guard duty and the bad guys are at the top of management.  I will say it’s interesting to see a movie like this and see the push for the audience to want the files to go public and yet you get your Edward Snowdens and Bradley Mannings and the story changes.

I liked it, I didn’t love it as much as I hoped but I did like it and would recommend it.

I’m not sure I follow some of the movie logic however, not the least of which being why the Mossad would accumulate so much information on their allies and then allow it to be taken.  The message was confused on this point on whether the Jews are bad or trying to expose the truth.  Considering how they never feature in the film it becomes a spurious plot point at best.

This movie was probably inspired in some part by the CIA’s family jewels storyline.


p.s.  The trailer is somewhat misleading…