I Spy (2002)

Owen Wilson right after Behind Enemy Lines in the role he’ll continue to play forever.  Eddie Murphy as Eddie Murphy playing Mike Tyson.  And Famke Janssen as convenient boobs in her panties.

It’s stupid but it’s short so it’s worth your time if nothing more than to actually pay attention to how Alex is actually a better agent than anyone else in the movie all while we’re made to think he’s useless.  The plot is reminiscent of the Kennedy administration’s ideas on how covert operations should be run.  I can’t tell if it’s better or worse when movies make up 3-letter acronym agencies.  Is there espionage and intelligence work being done?  Actually, yes but it’s overshadowed by whatever the fuck is happening in the plot outside of “spying”.  Each actor was basically just being the character they are in all of their movies.  Wilson was that breathy, awkward yet likable guy who reads his “funny” lines exactly the same “understated” way every time.  Murphy is like the kid who enjoyed making people laugh but didn’t understand how he was doing it so he kept trying the same joke over and over and over again.  Janssen is what exactly?  This was all based on a 1960s tv series that had Bill Cosby?  It feels like they had to make it into something children would go see and that parents would allow.

I really liked Eddie Murphy in the 80’s.  What happened?

Owen Wilson could have been so much more in his career.  What happened?

How can this movie be so uninteresting?  What happened?


p.s..  It did take an embarrassingly long time to figure out the title was a double pun.  I spy is literally what he does and also a reference to the children’s game in a movie with an invisible plane.