As per the inability of the intelligence community and any deciphering methods so far, I read up on some interviews and found that both Jim Sanborn and Ed Scheidt had made repeated references to masking K4 or using steganography. It would seem prudent to attempt various methods to reveal the hidden K4 message in their own section.

I tried some of what I would consider to be classic steganography.

A revisitation of the K4 frequency patterns to see if the masking method could be partially revealed.

I arranged the letters of K4 into an hourglass.

I attempted a simple attempt to pull plaintext out of the presumed null-ciphered K4.

I created my own null-ciphering method to see if it would work: the Every Other Null Cipher.

I made another one, a little tongue-in-cheek called The Three Musketeers.

I considered whether we would need to combine K4 and the Morse Code text.

I even toyed with a concept I designated Null Cache, whether plaintext is hidden between designated coordinates of null text.

I looked for Abscissa hidden in K1.

I checked to see if K4 could be a Bacon cipher.

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