Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

Synopsis:  Movie that got Brangelina together, spy-movie fans’ wetdream, romantic comedy

This is almost a punctuation mark in spy movies.  We’ve gone from seeing them as glamorous (I could never do that) to hidden among us (Bourne) to we could be them (any Potterian spy fantasy plotline) to what are they like as us?

The first main section of the movie is the pitch.  It’s right there for anyone to see.  “Hey guys, what about a sexless marriage on the rocks (like millions) and it turns out they’re both spies (I wish) and they try and kill each other (to relieve all the suppressed anger?) and through it all they get back to getting it on and kill everyone.  Marriage saved!”  He probably even pitched it as a boys vs. girls theme with lots of cool gadgets and guns etc. etc.

It’s fun to watch but the cheese has to be cut with your pocket laser.

On the other hand, would you like to see how their marriage ends?