Eagle Eye (2008)

Eagle Eye is what you’d get if Echelon and Hal3000 had a baby.

It was alright, a little suspense, some action, the everyday guy sucked into spy stuff, an improbable pseudo-love interest (only barely) between Shia and Michelle Monaghan who is literally 10 years his senior IRL, a holey story with a twin brother and a passcode that is apparently unnecessary as the supercomputer can literally do anything without it and Project Guillotine proceeds even after her lobotomy, loss of coolant and face smashing.

And Shia LeBeouf’s “common man” potrayals are all assholes.  Seriously, watch this and the Transformer movies, get a little critical and tell me they are likeable people.  Go watch Surf’s Up and tell me that Cody Maverick isn’t a self-centered, fame-obsessed little prick.

It’s a fun action movie but can’t stand any criticism or second looks, like the lead.

The NSA angle and DoD coonection was fun but the plot devices surrounding the device in question seem like they were created by Dr. Doofenshmirtz.  I kept waiting for someone to bump into the self-destruct button.

Could have been much smarter and more current events considering Snowden’s “good samaritan” acts recently but it fell short unfortunately.