Funeral in Berlin (1966)

I really liked this one.  It moves away from the dank London film noir of the first (Ipcress file) and puts it into a grubby eastern European cold war flick that’s pretty good.

Pretty good is an understatement, this one was a pretty perfect Cold War spy movie so if that sounds like your thing then you will not be disappointed.  The best part is that you think it’s over and then they go on for another half hour in the best twists I’ve seen in awhile for an actually satisfying conclusion.  You’re pretty happy with the movie they’re giving you but then they make it even better.

The movie photo is awesome by the way.  It looks like he’s trying to eavesdrop…  Funeral in Berlin hmm?  Let’s put a wall in the shot just to really get the point across.  A wall you could probably pole vault.

Seriously though, I wanted him to shoot Stok during their first meeting.  Then he turns out to be really, really clever.  Samantha Steel felt (phrasing!) like a character from Archer.  The final look between her and Harry spoke volumes.  And Ross is literally the quintessential British spymaster.  It’s funny how you hire bad people and they do bad things, shocker.  It’s a dangerous tactic though because the servant will come to resent the master and since many of them are in positions to do some damage, it’s inevitable that there will be trouble.

So many wonderful things about this movie that I’m not sure I have any negative ones just yet.  Felt a little of the Coen’s inspiration for Miller’s Crossing towards the end which was fun.

Go see it if you haven’t already.