This one is my favorite and was originally going to get posted on the 1st but I thought there was a chance people would think I was kidding so here it is on the 2nd.


I like that the double letters mostly line up on the right hand side.

I like that NYPVTT stays intact.

I like that you could potentially swap some of the rows around as long as you kept the ? and NYPVTT where they are.  I’m not saying he’d do that because it would be a little weird to do that kind of transposition.

It feels like it’s half of a 14×14 grid so maybe he originally conceived it as the CT on one side and the keyword on the other, a sort of literary recreation of the sculpture proper.

Maybe there’s some kind of mirroring effect.  Like ?OBKRUO-SOTPYRK.  That would be more in keeping with the copperplate arrangement.  I wonder if that’s why my initial efforts to strip off an additive didn’t work.  Maybe I just didn’t get the setup right?  Worth a shot but I think I’m grasping at straws a little.  =)