“Jim Sanborn: The fact that my earlier work didn’t include cryptography doesn’t mean it excluded things dealing with secrecy. The work that happened before the CIA, and (was) the reason I was chosen (to do the CIA piece), dealt with invisible forces — albeit natural invisible forces. I built pieces about the Coriolis force that makes whirlpools in the Northern and Southern hemispheres turn in opposite directions. I also worked with the Earth’s magnetic field and worked with lodestones … from which we derived our knowledge of electricity. It was all involved in the secrets of nature before the agency chose my work to deal with the secrecy of man.”  (WIRED Interview, 01/20/05)

I know some will disagree but not everything can be significant.

Whirlpools are out for me except to know which direction the one at Kryptos is swirling in.

The whirlpool is just like the lodestone, a carryover from earlier works.

I don’t actually know much about the Coriolis forces