“Sanborn: No. Not that it doesn’t say something about clandestine trade craft. A lot of the work (I do) deals with secrecy and … the modus operandi of spies — how they operate, how they turn sources and things like that. Even the (other) pieces at the agency that are in the courtyard — stone layers that have encoded text on them — sort of dealt with secrecy as an entity, which has existed through time for eons and generations. Cave people (for example) keeping secret their methods of killing a mammoth or something like that.”  (WIRED 01/20/05 interview)

Who exactly are the cavemen keeping the secret from?  The mammoths?

So the Morse code deals with secrecy as an entity?  I guess it’s not in the courtyard…  …there are stone layers in the courtyard with encded text on them?

Pardon for the offense but how exactly does anything with Kryptos deal with spies?  It’s a bunch of ciphers…that’s more NSA than CIA.

This quote actually makes no sense to me at all.