So in yea olde cryptology book, he described using Morse code addition and subtraction with a keyword. The idea is that you can convert the letters into Morse code then into binary. This way you can do math with the binary and then translate out to a new message.

I’ll try a few experimental attempts to test the idea with Kryptos. I don’t really know what keyword to use so I’ll try KRYPTOS.

For ASCII/Binary conversion I’ll be using an online converter. I’m also not very good at binary math so I’ll be using an online calculator for that as well.

Digetal Interpretatiu
In Binary:

In Binary:

Now, in binary what is Digetal interpretatiu plus Kryptos?
And this is what in text?
Unless we need a string of numbers, this doesn’t look promising.

What about subtracting Kryptos from Digetal Interpretatiu?
May be an error message in the program…

I’m left with the conclusion that my rambling description of simple plaintext identities comes into play here again. I’m trying too hard to pack too much into a string of ciphertext. To combine Morse code (that translates into actual english phrases) with a Morse code math cipher in the hopes of finding an elusive message is the equivalent of chasing rainbows to get to the end (or chasing unicorns depending on what part of the country you’re from).

I liked the idea of finding the smallest unit of ciphertext/plaintext. Perhaps I need to extend the concept and come up with a hypothesis that can yield a sort of Occam’s razor in cryptanalysis.

I don’t think there’s a Morse code math cipher in Kryptos. If the Morse code translated to gibberish then, yes, it could be possible but as it is? No.

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