What’s Up Tiger Lily? (1966)

That was a really stupid movie.  It’s been done before and this offering is about as funny as MST3K.  The Lovin’ Spoonful cameos and shitty ambience music were a godawful addition to the movie but it was unfunny enough on its own to still suck.

Hopefully no one came here confused by what he did but in case you did, he dubbed voices and sound over an edit of a pre-existing movie.  You’ll find plenty of similar quality pieces clogging the orifices of YouTube channels.  I think he’s maybe done some good work but this wouldn’t be one of them.  Woody Allen jokes are often Emperor’s Clothes jokes where the audience feels guilted into laughing because they don’t want to seem too stupid or uncultured to get the great Woody Allen.

It’s a spy movie from a spy movie so technically it counts but this one is a waste of your time.  If you like Woody Allen or spy movies then don’t watch it because you’ll probably hate it.  If you love shitty commentary and the equivalent of your dumbest and slightly racist friend talking all the way through a movie then go for it.