No Way Out (1987)

It’s a murder thriller set with a backdrop of Washington politics and the Defense Department.

Okay, so the final twist at the end is alright but the only prior hint we get of that is when he too quickly develops the Polaroid which is bizarre because he’s a direct liaison for intelligence for the Secretary of Defense, it’s not like his identity is a secret.

I thought the twist was a little disingenuous anyways, they could have easily used the common movie ending to have Pritchard take the fall despite the Polaroid or even Brice himself.  Then they could have easily had Farrell triumphantly walk away as a hero and straight to his Russian handlers.  Instead we have a confused Yuri who could have pinned it on anyone and shot the shit out of them in the Pentagon hallway – no one would be suspicious because he’s the head of the investigation!  He could have used his knowledge of Brice’s massive desire to see it go away to pin it on someone else, plant evidence, cooerce witnesses, lie, cheat and steal, enlist the murder squad, anything!  Instead he apparently just stalls for time that he doesn’t have.  He had plenty of ways out, he just never chose to use them.

Cut out the spy shit and have a triumphant moral victory for American values against all odds or have an innocent man take the fall to highlight the submoral pit of ethical despair that is the American government.  Either would have been better.

It has a planted spy, the CIA, CID, national intelligence estimates, pentagon, department of defense, secretary of defense, South American death squad, NSA style computer shenanigans, even Cabinet to NSA rationalizations for misuse of technology and assets;  but is not a spy movie.

If you want a thriller with boobies then by all means watch it.  If you’re trying to just watch spy movies then skip this one.