Kryptos in a new incarnation?

At first I thought it was a hoax but it turns out that you can in fact eat at Kryptos.  You will have to travel a little to Chennai.  No.24, Khader Nawaz Road , Nungambakkam, Chennai to be exact.

“Greek-themed restaurants tend to work better in theory. After all the bells and whistles are so much fun. An appropriately picturesque name, probably conjuring up a dramatic Greek god (which is relatively easy, given their penchant for love and war.) Interiors that conjure up romantic islands: golden sand, crashing waves, azure skies — every cliché firmly in place.”

I like the look and feel of the restaurant.  The food looks tasty and the novelty of a Greek-theme in a India conjures up memories of my time in the United States when culinary ethnic diversity was celebrated alongside the trashy fast-food staples.  It was paradoxical at best but remembered fondly.

Go to Vipin’s restaurant at least once before you die or you cannot truly call yourself a fan of all things Kryptos.