The first 3 are from the Maquette video:

This first one shows an overview of the Kryptos installation.  The brown rocks out front are the ones with the Morse code plates.  For orientation, the lodestone is on the one to the right.

The copperplate is inside the courtyard on the left.

The duck pond is the black spot in the trees.


A different angle showing the same thing but from inside the courtyard.  The coy/duck pond is sandwiched between two rock outcroppings in the tree area.  The copperplate is obviously on the right side of the picture and you can barely see the smudge of Morse code plates above the figurine on the walkway.


Another look…


Here’s a glimpse of the pond.

The following pictures were taken from the ABC World News B-rolls.


A curious pond.


It seems like a lot of work to build a meditation pond especially when the rest of the installation has some meaning of some kind.  Not this pond though, nobody seems to be that curious about it.


Did he hide something in it?


Moving on…

A little perspective on where the Morse code sits.  I’d steal the lodestone if I ever visited so it must be tied down somehow.


Here’s the other slab.


I hope this helps orient folks who weren’t absolutely sure of how things looked at the CIA.  At times I wasn’t sure if the pieces were all together or separated.  After watching the videos it definitely helps and then grabbing some pictures helps even more.

Two things come to mind.

First, the Morse code messages “should” mean something more than the apparent gibberish we get after translating them.  Otherwise it’s a sort of “Welcome to the CIA, we’re a bunch of idiots”.

Second, the duck/coy pond is meaningful in some way.  Even if in just some Narcissus, when you look for the answers to life’s ciphers you find yourself staring back at you.

Or there’s a buried treasure chest in the mud.

Either way.