Post Mortem (2010)

postmortem: discussion of an event after it has occurred.

Wow, that trailer completely misrepresents the actual movie.  I would enjoy watching the movie that trailer is promoting instead of the actual movie.  That trailer alone is better than the whole movie.  Don’t go see Post Mortem, just watch the trailer, you’ll be happier!

To be honest, if Pinochet had yielded the government back to the people in the 1973 coup d’état after the impeachment resolution, no one would have cared about Allende and Chile.  Instead the Chilean military decided to lose their shit and fuck things up until 1990.  Chilean government started with Juntas after all, it didn’t have to go that way..

Before you read much more, don’t go watch this movie.

In this art-house cinema circle-jerk we are treated to all sorts of “art”.  The problem is that the movie is so distasteful that it’s hard to make it through to the end.  Mario is lonely?  Of course he’s lonely, he’s a creepy weirdo who skulks around, has a shitty-dye job and transcribes autopsies.  Definitely don’t watch this movie at work or around anyone whose opinion you care about.  It’s got naked dead bodies, old guy jerking off, a starfish sex scene that is fairly rape-y, a lot more dead bodies, and an inexplicable hand-job leading to homicide.

I really liked the idea of the movie being set during 1973 Chile.  I liked the idea of the pervasive unspoken environment of social/governmental unrest.  I liked the idea of this unspoken context underlying all of the events and motivations in the movie.  I don’t think they did a very good job though.  It comes across as obnoxious and confusing.  I end up seeing Mario and Nancy more like corpses that wandered off the table.  I’m not saying I think war is great and that there should have been choreographed dance scenes but if American Beauty and Arendt’s Eichmann had a baby it would be this movie.

Plus her real boyfriend looks like Frank Iero which is a little distracting.

By the end I wanted Nancy to die with her shitty lover.  Problem is, I would have liked to see Mario take a bullet as well.  And then the city burn down.  And then have -40 years later- tag come up as we see Nancy’s brother walk through the rubble to his old house to find the skeletons in the wall with his normal family and assume they’re Mario and Nancy in a lover’s embrace bravely facing the end as a sort of modern-day epilogue on the past 40 years of real history being built over the remains of all of the propaganda and polemic.