Marathon Man (1976)

There was one great comment I saw that sum the movie better than what I was going to write:

Saw it again on blu-ray yesterday. I’ve seen it many times before, but it struck me as an incoherent & ludicrous film. the fact that it is chiefly remembered for the dentist drill scene says a lot. in the end, the film adds up to very little.

I like Dustin Hoffman and he played the role very well.  Of course Laurence Olivier was great and I usually always like Roy Scheider.  Is it mean to say that William Devane always looks skeazy no matter who he’s playing?  Also, after watching a lot of older movies, the sudden nudity was a little shocking which is hilarious with the amount in modern action/thrillers.  Also, I know it’s called Marathon Man for a reason but seriously?  Are they trying to make chubby people feel bad?  Maybe this is the origin of the constant running in derivative future movies?  (Alias, Haywire, some Statham movies)

So it was great fun but a little random and not really a spy movie…

I know, I know.  It makes a lot of lists for spy movies but it’s just a murder-revenge-thriller that happens to have Nazis and government subcontractors.

He has a spy brother who gets killed.  That’s about it.  He could have a logger brother who was killed for a misunderstanding by greedy Nazis.  Same story, more axes and chainsaws – which might make for an interesting remake…