Bullet to Beijing (1995)

It’s banal and critically panned.  Len Deighton had nothing to do with it.  This movie and it’s sequel were so wretched that they made Michael Caine quit acting.  It’s made for tv and feels like it.  The story, the plot, the dialogue, the “action” are all pretty bad.  I watched it mostly so I can know that I’ve watched all the Harry Palmer movies.  And yet, it’s still not as bad as some of the really bad ones like Fanfare for a Death Scene and Fay Grim.

What are some things one could say other than that?  Well, it’s the first besides Terminal Velocity to raise the point that after the end of the Cold War both sides liquidated their intelligence agencies quite a bit – where did they go?  Not everyone is an altruistic patriot, for some there would be a large temptation to use their training for criminal activities.  This is one of the recurring modern themes of 90’s/00’s spy movies – dealing with the dangerous relics of the Cold War.

Skip it, you’re not missing much.


p.s. Young Jason Connery is a dead ringer for a young Will Patton.