Not that I can tell.

A rail cipher typically grids out a message in three rows by going diagonally up and down.  Since K1 has 63 letters, it makes a nice 3×21 grid to attempt finding a rail message.  Since I’m looking for some message, I figured it would probably be the keyword for K2, Abscissa, which would provide a nice test of the concept in the absence of a rational plaintext message making itself apparent.

You can position the message text left to right,

Kryptos K1 Rail Cipher

or up and down.

Kryptos K1 Rail Cipher

While I don’t see a hidden message, I start to wonder if we can put it in a different grid and get the word “answer”.  This is just because of the close proximity of “an, s, and we” towards the beginning of the up/down grid.  Please note that this is merely idle speculation.