So, using the merged text of the Morse Code and K4, I thought I’d try a few keyed-columnar transpositions.  I don’t see anything when you grid it out so maybe a shift would reveal some plaintext.  Also, with 203 letters, all you can really do is put it in a 7×29 grid and since Kryptos has 7 letters, it seems like an appropriate place to start.

Using Rumkin’s solver, I tried a KRTYPOS keyed-columnar and this was my result:



So do we try all 5,040 combinations?

I (and probably quite a few people) figured out an easier way.  If you’re stuck with what you think or hope is a keyed-columnar and you’re pretty sure of the size of the keyword and the padding of the text into the table but you just don’t know the keyword then it is possible to anagram the first letters of the columns and try to pull some plausible bit of plaintext out of it.

If we assume that we are to combine the Morse Code and K4 and we assume we are to pad it out into a 7×29 grid reading from left to right on the Morse code and then tacking on the K4 text then we get
DPIUUST as our start.

Even with Andy’s Anagram Solver, I don’t get much.  “Put us id-” was the best I saw.  If you continue this however you get “Put us idocmljsisiz”  So as a straight up keyed columnar; the merged table is not much use.

Possible reasons this didn’t work:

  • It’s not the way to get the plaintext
  • We’re not supposed to merge K4 with the Morse Code
  • The Morse Code is padded into the grid in a different order
  • The K4 text is supposed to go first
  • There are a different number of e’s which negates using a 7×29 grid
  • Another step is inv0lved before or after the transposition that works in combination to give the answer

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