The Bourne Legacy (2012)

Synopsis:  If Flowers for Algernon and Max Payne had a baby, except it’s not as awesome as that sounds.

Funny how so much happened for $125 million and yet not much really happened.  By itself it was a decent enough movie but the only way it makes sense, really, is in context of the other Bourne movies but it didn’t really do much towards that storyline.  Nothing was resolved.  He titers off, they kill that dude and wander off while nothing else happens.  Don’t get me wrong, the action is great but the characters are shallow and the plot emaciated and stupid as Cross was in the beginning.  Some lady gets discredited, an old man dies, and there are sporadic deaths all over the globe; yes, but at the end, what?  They didn’t give Jeremy Renner much to work with but he gives it a shot with the junky-esque stalking and physical violence at first but then they had to do away with that because who wants a hero that flawed?  Then he tries again with the 13 visits in 4 years romance monologue in the car but literally every attempt is obliquely rebuffed by Rachel Weisz who aimlessly pursues the script and Cross’s plans in a way that makes no sense to the audience.  Then we get a modest Charlie Gordon moment by Renner but it is swept away in nonsensical bullshittery.

Basically the movie is summed up in the opening scenes.  He does all this badassery only to end up in a situation full of inexplicable tension, implication and innuendo that is never adequately explained or acted upon between characters artificially thrust into the situation, there’s some violence and he leaves.  Either the Gilroys were phoning this one in or I completely missed all of the significance of this mediocre 3-act movie.

Don’t watch it, it’s not really worth it.