Burn Notice (2007-2013)

It’s a decent enough show and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to watch a long-running spy show that balances humor and seriousness.  I haven’t watched every episode but made it through most of the first season.  The over-arching storyline across the 7 seasons has a Ra’s al Ghul’s League of Shadows feel to it.  Michael’s efforts to follow his burn notice leads to quite a variety of shadowy figures with an almost never-ending supply of conspiracies.  The case-by-case missions quickly become formulaic but it’s still a decent spy show.

I think the worst thing I can say is that after 8 episodes I lost interest.  *shrug*


p.s.  Out of his tutorial advice, the one that stuck with me was how to lose a tail.  I had the opportunity once to attempt to follow someone discretely and can vouch for how hard it is to keep track of them without being noticed while navigating traffic.  And that’s why surveillance works in teams…