Shooter (2007)

This is a topically relevant movie albeit with an FBI sidekick.  That, to me, begs the question of whether as a culture the United States is more inclined to assign a higher level of morality and trust to the FBI than other governmental agencies (cough cough CIA).  The bad guys’ cabal in this movie are a caricature of the Department of Defense/Defense Industry folks who started and have the most to profit from the War on Terror.  In comparison to The Double, this movie to me seems to exploit a new movie antagonist instead of reviving old ghosts.  It is interesting to contrast the morality of the individual’s actions (Bob Lee Swagger’s pursuit of revenge) with the nation’s (global War on Terror).  In the end, we love revenge movies but if you spent too much time comparing the parallels of US and Swagger you might become uncomfortable with your tacit approval of one or both.

Watch it to see what you would get if you combined JFK and the Bourne Identity.

Kryptos moment:  Absent except in implications of the military-industrial complexes use of the CIA.  And the symbol of a covert agent in a wheelchair could be a reference to Lyman Kirkpatrick after polio.

Notable moment:  Aside from 9/11 conspiracy theory and the pandering implication that shooting generals and senators is the best way to reform government, the first scene showing covert action shooting people in a “friendly country” giving cover support for the return of murderous commandos in service to the shadow government collapsing into disarray which sows the seeds for the later years of the movie as a metaphor for the past 20 years of American foreign policy.