Closed Circuit (2013)

Always nice to see Jim Broadbent, I see he’s reprising his role from 2007’s Hot Fuzz.  I really liked Eric Bana in this because he didn’t spend quite as much time looking all angst-ridden and doe-eyed.  Rebecca Hall was good but relegated to supporting cast significance at times.  The movie begins premise-heavy but thankfully they are able to explain the unlikely set-up rather quickly and move on to some unexpected turns of events.

It’s nice to see MI5 catch some flak in the modern era of intelligence service demonization.  I think this one was a little more intelligent than some of the others in that it presents a variety of viewpoints from lawyers, journalists, entrenched bureaucrats and intelligence workers themselves.  I won’t pretend it’s representative but it’s a hell of a lot better than having characters afraid the CIA will shoot them on a whim.  At least there’s some pretense of humanity, e.g. frustration over being tasked to protect a society’s freedoms to criticize the ones protecting that freedom.  Of course, if you want to be protecting a representative democracy then you’d better suck it up and keep up on your oversight and ethics courses.  If you don’t really care then follow Putin’s lead and get Bush and Blair extra terms.

So where does the audience proceed after watching a movie on the realities of government encroachment into privacy, human rights and civil liberties?