Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen (1942)

Believe it or not but this was my first Ellery Queen movie.

It was alright.  The American efforts at high-speed witty patois don’t compare with their UK contemporaries but it was still fun.  It has some classic “classic” movie components like Egyptian mummies, spies and trains, hard-boiled detectives, diamonds, graveyards at night, Nazis, sped up brawls and a famous literary character embroiled in the middle of it all.

Queen didn’t impress me too much, or his dad.  Or the gender relationships repartee.  I did like Margaret Lindsay (British Intelligence) as Nikki Porter though and it was nice to see Hans Heinrich von Twardowski again (The Dawn Express).

It’s a fun way to spend an hour and it’s about spies, sometimes that’s enough right?


p.s. Gillette looks like Clive Owen with a moustache to me.