Fair Game (2010)

Hmm…  It’s good and yet it feeds what many in the post-Bush administration years would like to hear a little too conveniently.  I found it curious that Richard Armitage was left out of the story.  At points it seemed confused about whether it was a historical piece, a piece of liberal propaganda or a dramatic feature film.

Don’t get me wrong, the lies and intelligence debacles that led the US into the “War on Terror” by the Bush (and Blair) administration are significant.  It’s not a liberal or conservative issue, it’s an issue for our generation to not forget as easily as they have.  Yes, the excesses of the NSA are important but it’s the equivalent of being mad that your garage is soot-stained instead of worrying about who set your house on fire.

Take away all of the moral/ethical/international implications, take away the self-aggrandizing or self-promotion, take away the shitty Bush croneys, take away everything questionable or debatable.  There is one very clear fact that remains.  Valerie Plame was shit on and it can be traced back to the White House.  An undercover CIA agent was outed and I never had the impression then or now that the CIA stood by their employee.  What desperation must have existed from 2000-2008 in the CIA for that to happen?  What cowering, groveling fear must have existed for them to see one of their own brought down and apparently not care all that much?

So, sure, blame it on revenge for Wilson’s statements.  I argue that there was a very different reason this happened that has absolutely nothing to do with Joe Wilson.  The CIA was not on board with the invasion of Iraq and needed to be disciplined by the Bush administration if they wanted to push through with their plans.  So they bloodied the CIA’s nose and it backed down.  Plame was in anti-proliferation and was involved in the assessments of Iraq.  It was her role at the CIA that made her an ideal target.  It was a very clear message that the Executive Branch could and would reach out to ruin anyone in their way.  It was just luck that her husband had been sent in about the uranium.  It must have seemed irresistible to Rove to kill two birds with one stone.  Let’s get the intelligence people in line and discredit anyone who says jack shit about Iraq’s nuclear capacity.

As a movie?  It was decent and I’d recommend it.  At times it was moving, at times suspenseful and fascinating, at times it was patronizing.

It’s definitely a spy movie but a very unique kind of spy movie.