Our Man Flint (1966)

This one is certainly worth seeing, Derek Flint’s seminal work.

In Like Flint may be more famous but this one should please any fan of the sequel.  There were a lot of similarities between the two but maybe enough differences that both are enjoyable.  The funny thing is that James Coburn has a very strong presence on film but never in a million years would I have ever picked him for this role.  Especially not as lady catnip.

Our man helps Zonal Organization World Intelligence Espionage with some nerdy evil scientists bent on controlling the world by a show of force in weather control.  It’s not really a Bond homage or Bond spoof in my mind but it’s hard to categorize.  Instead of a cold MI6 automaton, he is possibly what the 60’s wished they were?  Instead of being only a superior killer, he is an attempt at a superior man?  Of course there are similarities with the Bond canon but it almost feels like they are an early recognition of convenient tropes that become incorporated into a novel story.  I suppose that’s it then.  It’s not an imitation, its’ not a spoof, it’s not a le Carre style story; Flint is intended as a Bond contemporary.  He’s the unsung hero who is “superior” to his more famous friend.

…you are not a pleasure unit…36…24…36…ha, ha, only if she’s 5’3″…