The Mackintosh Man (1973)

Don’t watch the trailer if you want to enjoy the movie!

That being said, I thought it was boring.  George Blake is certainly a worthy inspiration but this movie, despite its moments of action, dragged agonizingly through the story and most of the time I found myself not really caring what happened.  I didn’t really like Newman again.  He does a great job of lurking around and acting like an asshole but not in an endearing way.  I’ll probably only remember this movie for the dog’s death and how Mrs. Smith had to step in at the end.  The ending was unintentionally superb.  Consider Blake and how Britain felt about him, and then watch Rearden give Slade and Wheeler the good-ole-boys-club-escape complete with a “good luck!”.  I’m sure many UK citizens felt like their intelligence services and leadership were either spies or buddies with spies and that justice was never adequately served.  All of a nation’s rage over the Cambridge Five+ is executed through Dominique Sanda’s character and we’re suddenly snapped back to the reality of what Rearden almost allowed to happen.  Does that invalidate all of his previous efforts due to his actions in the moment when it mattered most?

I say watch it at least once just to see if someone can find something good about it.

I didn’t really like it that much.