Eleventh Hour – Kryptos (Season 1, Episode 3)

You can catch it on Netflix but it’s not really worth it.  There’s some die-hard fans out there but it’s like the unholy Lost offspring of Sherlock Holmes and the X-files.

No Kryptos mentions, just the name of the episode which happens to have codes and secret messages about climate change.

There are so many reasons I didn’t like this show but it had Patrick Stewart in it which should have covered over all sins but didn’t.  Ashely Jensen was alright but certainly not the sex magnet her character is written as.  Patrick Stewart comes across as an uppity fake scientist meddler who is old, grumpy and technologically challenged.  The climate change modeling would certainly not irrevocably change society as we know it because there have been many scientists making their living culturing a climate of fear.  Also, computer modeling of the weather is notoriously unreliable and the day they can accurately predict a year’s worth of data for one area, let alone the world over decades then I’ll give credence to the modelers.  The science was written by a Wikipedia-researching intern and given to a hack writer who would make Dan Brown blush and then yawn as the “drama” agonizingly unfolds over so much time that you actually stop caring.  At the end of the day, we’re left wondering who in the government is employing this scientist to dodder around the UK with no back-up, no calvary, not much sense or authority whatsoever to investigate amped-up mundane crimes given a gothic flavor that makes no apparent sense.

I watched the first episode as well, equally terrible salted through with equally terrible acting.

TL;DR  The bad guys with no guns unsuccessfully chase two senior citizens with a mini-van that gets stuck in the sand.

But it will give wet dreams to conspiracy theorists who favor Fibonacci sequence references in their shitty television spy dramas.