Adventures of Superseven (2011-?)

I came for the babes, action and mayhem and stayed in an effort to understand what the fuck I was actually seeing.  I can’t pretend I understand but I’ve learned a few things, had some impressions…

Superseven is Jerry Kokich (who has actually been in other shows, notably Cats on a Plane) as a top agent for T.H.E.M.  He fights against Big O, Dr. Diabolical, Thunderpussy and the forces of T.H.E.Y.  Ex-colleague (and ex-lover?) Sandra West is played by Olivia Dunkley who has been in Naked Sushi and That’s My Purse Bitch! among others.  Starring with them are an inexplicably large number of once-off goons and good/bad guys.  The show has won a couple internet awards, appears to have been broadcast on television at some point, and is still running.  I’ve only watched the first season and I think that’s probably enough for me.  Super7even has been inspired by the flotsam and jetsam of 60’s/70’s shitty movies and television.  The initial look and inspiration for Superseven comes from Superargo:

My first impression was that some regular folks wanted to do an homage to terrible cinema.  After I realized how many they’d made and had watched a few, I started to wonder why in the world they’d wasted so much time on this.  It was at that point that I wondered if it was fetish-work.


Once I saw the 60 Second Film School Reference, I started to think they were film students and that made a lot more sense.  Now?  I’m not so sure that’s it.  There are some decent splices of older shitty movies into Superseven, the camera work isn’t atrocious for amateur work, they have a lot of props and extras, and there was apparently an actual effort to make a somewhat sensible, albeit weak, plot.  I’m starting to think that it’s an art-house style effort from people who work on real movies or have some exposure to some kind of training.  I’m starting to think I liked it better when I thought it was fetish-satisfying swingers who celebrated each episode with some really complicated orgiastic role-play.  (I think this is possibly the worst thing I’ve ever said about a movie…)

So, comments?  Well, the first one is that it suffers from the exact same problems of the movies that it is venerating without learning from them.  Perhaps the biggest is that the titular hero Superseven is a blank slate with blunted affect.  This means that the supporting characters, especially Sandra West, overwhelm the narrative.  Maybe the last criticism is that all of the fumbling and bumbling can be overlooked if they gave us a novel experience seen through the Eurospy lens but with all of the significant modern advantages available.  As is, the audience can just watch the old movies and at least revel in nostalgia instead.  I want to believe Superseven, give us better and wittier schlock!