XIII (2003)
XIII (2008)
XIII (2011)

I’ve played the game, seen the 2-part tv special and the trailer for the TV series is enough for me.  I liked the storyline well enough but it’s been sort of beat to death for me now.  Aisha Tyler is reason enough to see the tv series so I may return to it at a later time although Stuart Townsend is sort of a deal-breaker so it sort of balances out right now.  Someone must have cobbled a graphic novelization out of the video game so they wouldn’t have to admit their tv shows were based on a video game.  They can be reassured by the Resident Evil franchise success that their artistic credibility is less in question than the entertainment value of their work.  Be careful when googling that shit though, for whatever reason Roxane Mesquida’s cameo pic is NSFW.

I don’t think narratives like this would have existed before the Church and Pike Committees.

The Bourne identity book came out in the 1980’s and the movie came out in 2002 so I think issues of intellectual and contextual originality can be firmly established as derivative.  All the same it’s fun and plays well into our fears and firmly held beliefs in government corruption and conspiracy.

I don’t think Kryptos came onto the scene early enough to when we all think of these things as old hand for government acronyms to be involved in.  It makes you wonder how the old spooks feel when this stuff is for mass consumption these days.  Better yet, how do the investigative journalists feel when they can remember when stuff like this was considered unthinkable?

Whatever the case, it’s our entertainment these days so we might as well enjoy it!  And try and understand the historical precedents and context for the modern fiction.  This is basically JFK conspiracy bread and butter fictional elaborations.  Be entertained but also be well-informed.

Also be warned that Dorff and Kilmer kind of suck in the 2008 incarnation.  I think Val Kilmer was slated to fill a PEAR-shaped gunslinger role that in reality was Lansdale’s.