New Lies for Old The Communist Strategy of Deception and Disinformation by Anatoliy Golitsyn (2nd Edition 1990)

Originally written in 1984, the 2nd edition includes recent developments in the Cold War.

Golitsyn would have been a huge fan of Kryptos. 

New Lies for Old is written by a communist.  At first, you think it’s an obvious statement.  However, if you read Marx and Engels then read this one you can see similarities.  Sweeping generalizations and tenuous assumptions.  According to Golitsyn: the USSR and the communist nations in general are incredibly well organized, incredibly well planned, and incredibly competent.  Almost 3 decades after his defection, he expounds upon the virtuoso capabilities of post-Stalin communism.  According to Anatoliy, even when it seems like they are divisive and things are shitty – it’s a lie and they’re really awesome.  Keep in mind, he defected to the capitalist pigs in the US.

As for his never fully explained “method” which allows completely novel interpretations of the socioeconomic-political conditions of international communist activities?  Here it is.  Communists are liars. 

There are some history lessons along the way of course.  He claims precedents in Lenin and Stalin’s efforts.  He works valiantly to make a massive undiscovered conspiracy out of whole cloth.  It’s one thing to claim that current Western analyses are incorrect and need critical restructuring.  It’s another to say that you are the only one who sees the truth and that it will be nearly impossible for them to know the real truth even from multi-source intelligence.  If only they would apply your method!  If only someone would listen.  If only someone knew how important you are.  You’re so close to finishing, if someone would only look over your work and take it to its logical conclusion then you would share the honor and glory with them.  He wrote this book in 1984 initially and claims the communists had long term plans that were put in place after WWII that still hadn’t come to fruition.  Next year will be 30 years later than that even and unless the remnants of Stalinist Russia are really, really patient (and immortal) then it is unlikely that they will have the chance to see the fruits of their conspiracy.  Ex-KGB Putin is their best chance at taking over the world and while he is undemocratically revitalizing Russia, he hasn’t yet led the Red troops out into the world to subjugate them under the People’s boot heels.

I’m not really sure what the actual psychological terms are for what we anecdotally call “K4 Syndrome” (credit: Gary Phillips) but Anatoliy Golitsyn certainly has all of the symptoms with a different subject matter.

He was useful initially and he was right about some things but as time wore on and his usefulness to US Intelligence declined rapidly – he improvised and kept going long after he should have stopped.