The “premise” of this idea is that there are keywords available that are useful for solving each part of Kryptos and that each section contains a clue that will help to solve the next portion, i.e. we can retrieve palimpsest from the Morse code and abscissa from K1 and some transposition description in K2.  The motivation for looking for keywords or clues is that if we can figure out how to find the ones we already know, then it becomes possible to isolate a definitive clue for K4.

I’m not sure I can be sure how to find the keywords but I can try different things and we’ll hope something works.  One possibility is that the misspellings are useful in some way of retrieving the clues for each section.  It’s neat and tidy but the proof is in the pudding and I don’t see much that’s helpful at this point in time.


Misspelled word is “iqlusion”
The Q is the second letter of the word
It is the last word of the passage
It is the 57th letter of the passage


Misspelled word is “undergruund”
The U is the 8th letter of the word
It is the 20th word of the passage
It is the 116th letter of the passage


Misspelled word is “desparatly”, it needs two e’s but I’ll focus on the “a”
The A is the 5th letter of the word
It is the 2nd word of the passage
It is the 11th letter of the passage

Not every word has 8 or even 5 letters otherwise we could pull those to see what we get.  Q is not in Abscissa which is perhaps evidence that this type of approach has the seeds of its own failure in place from the beginning.

I see no useful patterns emerging.  Perhaps some arrangement of the letters would yield something useful, perhaps not.  The fact that “desparatly” has two spelling mistakes muddles things as well.

Nothing constructive was found but perhaps they will indeed be more meaningful after K4 has been solved.