Charlie Wilson’s War (2007)

I really liked this movie quite a bit better than I thought I would.

Go look up Operation Cyclone.

I think Afghanistan best exemplifies how unprepared the US was to do more than fight communism and often covertly.  I think it also shows the failures of the USSR foreign policy and intelligence.  Both sides basically tore the shit of out of some scrappy mountain ranges and then walked away.  “This is what we do.  We go in and change the world and then we leave.  We always leave.”

Things like this occur from the emphasis on short-range tactical or military intelligence at the expense of long-range intelligence estimates.

“These things happened.  They were glorious and they changed the world…  and then we fucked up the end game.”  -Charlie Wilson

In the Cold War, it was always more about the fight for democracy than about democracy.