Broken Seals: A Western Goals Foundation report on the attempts to destroy the foreign and domestic intelligence capabilities of the United States.

At first I thought it would just be more finger-pointing…

But I was so completely and totally unprepared for what it actually was.  I read this one first before getting to Broken Seals.  So let’s just say that all of the authors of Uncloaking the CIA are fairly well covered in this Broken Seals book.  And let’s just say that despite all the c***ed up things that the CIA did in fact do, that there actually were some groups out there taking advantage of the situation for some very personal (or sociopolitcogeographic) reasons.

It’s super-friggin’ dry reading and so factual that it’s like eating sand to get through it but there was some utility to that because instead of coming across super-defensive and emotional, it instead read like: “okay, these folks have been saying a lot of things about us but here is the back-story of their lives, organizations and affiliations.”

Where is the middle ground?  How do we assess the importance of US-Policy-CIA-horrible stupid dumb shit they decided to do and then get caught doing vs. the value of their criticizers?  I’d say the middle ground is fair.  As obvious from current events (read: War on Terror and Bush Jr.), things get a lot more d***ed up and the “we need better oversight” crowds of the 60’s then the 70’s obviously failed to achieve lasting change.  Disagree?  Two words: Abu Ghraib

Long story short?  You both failed the current world.  If the Bay of Pigs Invasion and Project Phoenix got pregnant and then had an abortion, it would be the Bush’s “War on Terror”.

Help you solve Kryptos?  Probably not but keep in mind that Kryptos was never built for us.  It was intended for CIA employees and this was the decade right before it was installed in the courtyard so it’s fairly historically relevant reading if you want to know what the Agency had been going through.