Foreign Correspondent (1940)

It was decent enough.

I think any time a script or story has to go through 5 years and many writers just to twist it into something filmable then it’s going to be slightly lackluster.  At points I was confused and it seemed to be too long.  I don’t know if this is cinephile blasphemy but I wasn’t overly fond of Joel McCrea or Laraine Day.  I was a bigger fan of George Sanders as Ffolliot.  He was sort of a cross between Stephen Fry and Jason Segel but sometimes I didn’t really understand his role in the story.  Herbert Marshall as Stephen Fisher was a great crooked prosperous white guy betraying one nation for another.

Hitchcock made so many movies with spies and several centered around WWI and WWII, it would be curious to see an AH fan work up an analysis of conscious and unconscious goals or messages from his movies.  Obviously as he transitioned from UK cinema to Hollywood, he would have a deep interest in WWII England but his body of work spans pre-war, during and post-war times so it would be rather interesting to read some meta-analysis of those specifically relevant works.

It’s a good movie to watch if you like spy movies.