Night Train to Munich (1940)

What a fun movie.

It’s classic spy fare folks.  Twists and turns, a likeable hero, impossible odds, a pretty lady, an important scientist, a traitorous travel companion, blown covers, disguises, and Charters and Caldicott (played these days by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost).  It’s got a decent plot, travels all over Europe and has a dramatic gondola escape (think The Boiling Rock, Pt. 2 but with less fighting).

That being said, it probably falls under the radar for many.  Rex Harrison is certainly over the top and the English buddies are a great addition but it’s sort of pulled in two directions.  One is a spy caper (emphasis on caper) and the other is WWII spy movie (emphasis on dramatic seriousness).  Margaret Lockwood was known for her melodrama and stage performances while Rex was more silly vaudeville at heart despite his actual work.  Seems like they couldn’t agree on what kind of movie it was going to be.  The result isn’t that bad though, it was a very enjoyable movie to watch.

I wouldn’t say must-see but it was a very good entry to any spy movie list.

Does anyone else think young Rex Harrison is eerily similar to Jean Claude Van Damme?