Anagrams are a simple way of hiding or disguising information and form the basis for many fun party games not the least of which is Scrabble. While in my efforts to clarify any possible words hidden in the letters of the typos can be consider anagramming, I’ll leave that to its separate section and will focus here a little more on the morse code and phrases/full words from the copperplate. Sidenote: I’m not going to pretend I did this all on my own. For the interest of speed and accuracy I will be using Andy’s Anagram Solver, a trusted tool on several of my previous puzzle solving expeditions.

First off the bat I tried “digetal interpretatiu” and found this little gem: reiterating platitude. I’m not really sure where to go with this one so it might be someone else’s job to figure out what that could mean. It made me think of parables, colloquial sayings and folk wisdom but online it seems to be a snarky criticism of political discussions that don’t really go anywhere. Careful Sanborn, don’t screw with the CIA… Also found were: nuttier triplite adage, adapt intrigue retitle, intrigue title adapter, adult genie tripartite, irritating adult tepee among many more.

For “virtually invisible” I would present the painstakingly discovered anagram: invisible virtually. What it means, we may never know. When you add the 9 extra e’s it doesn’t seem to help making a new word… I did get: aver null visibility which I suppose basically means the same thing as virtually invisible. I don’t think I’ve quite got this one figured out but the fact that you can pull “null” and “binary” out of the text seems tantalizingly significant. I’m of course thinking of null ciphers and binary code. The best I can do with this one is Visit Binary Villleu and Null Rives Viability.

For “shadow forces” (although it makes me think of ninjas) I was able to come up with: Choose Dwarfs, Dwarf Chooses, Farced Swoosh, Showcase For, Ford showcase, fresco shadow (Hmm). Not much. Although the fresco shadow bit resonates with the idea I’m sure we all share about sunlight passing through the carved letters to reveal some message.

For “lucid memory”: Mouldy crime, Ludic Memory, Lyre Modicum, Mycelium rod, Ooh! CLUE!…miry clue mod. Also Do-Re-Mi My Luc(k)

For “t is your position”: Intuito isospory (intuition of internal parasites?), tourist, irony…I poison your tits (well I hardly think that’s what we’re looking for!

I would say the fact that we can pull words like binary and clue and null out of the morse code phrases validates the possibility of information hidden in the odd phrasing and spelling. The fact that I wasn’t able to pull out a startlingly helpful new piece of information does not disprove the concept but it does mean I’ve decided to attempt other routes at this point. I’ve learned two things from riddles. It’s very easy to get off-track and devote all of your time and effort into dead-ends and it’s also beneficial to come back to the problem later on for a fresh perspective.

Needless to say, I leave the anagrams in peace, for now.

Kryptos Fan