Uncloaking the CIA, edited by Howard Frazier

What the shit CIA!?!

I recommended coming down out of the tower but more Rapunzel and less Gothel-Cthulu.  After reading this synopsis of the Conference on the CIA and World Peace held at Yale University on April 5th, 1975 I have come away with a new understanding of how the CIA essentially raped the free world and then crushed it under it’s totalitarian boots.  38 years later, I’m happy to report that as a slave to the new CIA-multinational regime, I was able to find this book in the rubble of what apparently was one of those mythical liberal institutions known as a library.  In it I found how the international corporations decided post-WWII policy which was implemented by the CIA controlling policy decisions that benefited the international corporations that it had infiltrated and later owned at the behest of the Executive branch against the wishes of the Legislative with the blessing of the Judicial via insane amounts of money and influence in virtually every country, every government and every aspect of global sociopoliticoeconomic theaters.

Just kidding, most of it was bullshit.  This quote neatly summarizes almost every single essay:

“I can, however, assure that when we talk about CIA activities in our country, we are talking about something that has perhaps been studied little, but is very strongly felt.”         -Florence Merced

I almost feel like there might be some wispy tangential fibers of history/culture that might help us look for clues in the already solved parts of Kryptos though.  Not sure how it would help and while I haven’t studied it much, I sort of feel it strongly.  Other than that sense of relevant global events, this book won’t help you solve Kryptos.  It does provide a nice counterpoint to any CIA-authored books however and in the mire of mostly biased accusations, there is the thread of actual, factual historical events of which I was previously unaware.

The high (or low) points came with the accusations that the CIA murderd JFK.  For the rest, I’m sure parts of it are true but they are hard to separate from rampant speculations.  I will say that at times there is a highly detailed accounting of operative and financial activities of an agency noted for its secrecy peppered with offhand clarifications that most of these facts are speculations.  Also, the CIA is apparently the Devil.

UPDATE:  For expanded author bios and context for their polemic, read Broken Seals.
UPDATE:  To see how things got much worse, read Spies, Lies and the War on Terror