Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London (2004)

Will there be an “Agent Cody Banks 3?”
There won’t be (laughs). Mostly, just because career-wise, I have to [become] an actor.

He looks miserable in this movie, like he’s trapped in some nightmarish sequel that was somehow worse than the original.  It’s not very good and yet on paper it probably sounded decent.  Muniz didn’t just phone it in, he was awkward and unhappy reprising his role.  Hannah Spearritt was a forgettable replacement for Hillary Duff.  I liked Anthony Anderson but they pigeon-holed him as fat and stupid which severely limited what he could contribute although at times he threatened to take over the movie despite the limitations.

Sometimes you can move from the basics of the first movie and give revived look at the main character in new surroundings.  Instead we have a very reluctant hero and no sparks with the love interest at all.  She refused to kiss him on the lips at the end of the movie and opted for the cheek which was generous.  Cody Banks as a teen Bond should have been easily mobile across the world but the writing stank and it just sort of flopped through an American visiting England plot.

It was an anemic and half-hearted effort of a sequel.  Realistically, you have to wonder at points why the story continued.  Diaz escapes with dramatically dangerous plans and they send a teenager after him to an exiled bumbling agent.  Both agents are inserted into the mansion for deep cover which they barely keep and then blow.  They had two agents on hand when Diaz and Kenworth met – bust em?  They had surveillance of their scheming plus a hand-off of the stolen technology – bust em?  They infiltrated the “secret” lab and saw human testing of the illegal technology apparently with the compliance of hundreds of staff members – bust em?  They have a street chase/fight with the internationally wanted fugitive – bust em?  They allow Kenworth to roam around in plain sight – bust him?  In a room full of computer controlled world leaders, they opt to keep silent and stumble around looking for bad guys instead of recruiting a small army of bodyguards and intelligence agents.  Turns out there was a British agent on site for months previously, what exactly was she doing this whole time?  Agent Bowman’s finale was fitting but Agent Banks apparently drives off to finish Malcolm in the Middle.

It was… lame.