Casino Royale (2006)

A better, transitional bond between Bonds.  That’s how I’d describe it.  It’s not perfect but it is one huge, big ass step in the right direction.  I really need to go back and watch the earlier ones and also Quantum of Solace but this one makes headway on further redefining Bond.  In some ways it was similar to the Dark Knight to me in that you think the movie is over and then it keeps going and changes everything in a pleasantly not quite revisionary way.

They did a decent job of reworking Fleming’s original work into modern day issues although I already approved the transition from SMERSH to SPECTRE.  State to state espionage still exists but it’s non-state actors currently filling body bags and secret detention areas.  Speaking of, that does sort of make this movie hard to believe after they finger le Chiffre (phrasing!).  As soon as they had the chance they would’ve black-bagged him and started pulling off finger-nails and water-boarding him.  Instead we get a Texas hold-em show-down.

Not bad though Craig, not bad.

Follow him in the sequel: Quantum of Solace