WN: The Cyrillic Projector has some of the same code that’s on the CIA piece, but it does have some alterations. It’s not completely identical. Why is that?
If you make a body of work over many years so that anyone will know that it’s your art, you have a common denominator, which means you leave clues. You don’t just sign every artwork. There’s something about that particular artwork that you say, “Oh, that’s a Sanborn.” And (the coding) was one of the common denominators that I chose to leave in. Just like my lodestones. I brought my lodestones forward 10 years and used them at the agency. Then I brought Kryptos forward five years and used them after that. And I will continue to bring work back and carry ideas forward in order to get a continuum for the body of work.” (WIRED Interview, 01/20/05)

I would imagine this is a decent support for saying the lodestone is just a calling card.

He’s not leaving clues for Kryptos but clues for future investors and clients.

Gotta make that paper Sanborn, gotta pay them bills.

I’m pretty sure if I ever see a metal screen with letters punched through I’ll think of that crazy bearded old man.