The Professional Le Professionnel (1981)

I thought it was kind of crappy.

I can’t speak to French activities at this time, Giscard doesn’t seem like a likely target of some kind of commentary.  Keep in mind that movies have now switched in much of the world to include the notion that intelligence agencies themselves are bad and their employees can become their targets in lieu of state-to-state espionage.  Joss is no exception and gives us a good look at the consequences of political expedience on a personal and national level.

That said, a lot of the plot didn’t make sense in context of having real-life rules on human interactions and logical planning in movie stories.  Even the carefully engineered ending doesn’t redeem the rest, you might be tempted to argue that it was the point all along.  It wasn’t that compelling.

Robert Hossein was the best character by far, that’s about the best thing I can say about this one.  Not much else to say except wtf was up with the nudity and attempted FF rape?  I swear the movie was made just to satisfy certain fantasies both sexual and violent.  Think I’m wrong?  Go watch it and tell me Joss wouldn’t have stayed up there and watched if his wife hadn’t seen him.