I know very well that some very able and talented people have already checked and re-checked the Morse Code translation for Kryptos.  This is merely a methodical effort to retrace their steps while specifically looking for irregularities that may be useful.

My source of picture documentation to work from are Jim Gillogly’s pictures at www.voynich.net/kryptos.  All the pictures are under his copyright.

There are a series of pictures with the Morse code in sections, I’ll take each picture on its own and will use the accepted translation as a guide to piecing them together.  One thing that is interesting to note is that each letter is spaced individually from the the others, this is useful because it removes some of the possible misinterpretations if the the dots and dashes all just ran together.  Although, I guess at that point it would be nearly impossible to know what it was actually supposed to say…

…moving on…

Kryptos Morse Code SOS

There’s a dit peeking out from under the rock and so all together we get:

… — … which is SOS.  Nothing too weird here.

Kryptos Morse Code

I’ve looked at these briefly before so I’m pretty sure this is a fragment of a longer phrases.  We can still isolate the code and see what letters we get.  Since Morse code can be read left to right or right to left, I’ll try and include both translations.

I see:

. . . . . … which is either eeeees or seeeee
. . –. — which is either eegm or mwee


After looking at Gillogly’s pics, I can finally see that he took four of a longish phrase, the first picture is above.  Seen altogether they make:

Kryptos Morse CodeKryptos Morse CodeKryptos Morse CodeKryptos Morse Code

So we can see some overlap between the picture but, and correct me if I’m wrong, I see:

.  .  .  .   .  …  .  .-.-  .-.  —  .-..
.  .  –.  —  ..-  -.  ….  …  .  .

The first line is interesting in that every set of dits or dashes means the same letter no matter what direction you read it except for two, .-.- and .-..
.-.- is nothing in Morse Code but the reverse -.-. is “C”.  .-.. is L but we are now committed to reading the string backwards so ..-. is now F.

The first line of this set reads FORCESEEEEE.  Originally I thought it was forceseseeeee but if you look at the first two pictures you can see a lighter colored mark that shows the overlapping.

The second string reads EEGOUNHSEE in the left to right, we’ve already seen that we’re meant to read this right to left which gives us EESHADOWEE.

Altogether, this section reads ForcesEEEEEEEShadowEE also believable as EEShadowEEForcesEEEEE.

So far so good…

Kryptos Morse Code

I see:

.  –.-  .-.  —  —  .  —
.  .  .  ..-  ..  .-.-  -..  ..-.

First line becomes EQROMEM or MEMORYE
Second line becomes impossible from left to right because of .-.- or LUCIDEEE

Keeping with the other phrase we get MemoryELucidEEE or also LucidEEEMemoryE.

Good to go so far!

Kryptos Morse CodeKryptos Morse CodeKryptos Morse Code

Keeping in mind there’s some overlap…

.  ..-.  …-  ..  …  ..  -…  .-  ..  .  .  .  .  .  .   (I wasn’t sure how to deal with the gap but it makes more sense to put them together after translating)
.  –.-  ..-.  ..-.  -.  -..  –  .-.  ..  -…  .  .

Second line reading:  EQFFNDTRIBEE or EEVIRTUALLYE

Rocking on…


And this one appears to be:

.-.  –.-

Meaning?  RQ or YR  Hmm…  If we follow the orientation of the previous, then it would actually be YR…

Kryptos Morse Code

One can see:

-..  ..  –.  .  –  .-  .-..  .  .  .
..  -.  –  .  .-.  .–.  .-.  .  –  .-  –  ..  –

You can also see that the photographer is standing on the other side of the rock, this one should be in the right orientation.

And it is:

Second line: INTERPRETATIT or TITNTERPRETAI  it’s possible the last two dits go with the dash which would give INTERPRETATU

Last one…

Kryptos Morse Code

That’s not a petrified dinosaur turd, it’s a “lodestone”, ooooohhhh…ahhhhhhhhhhhh…mehhhhhhhhhhh

You’ll have to pardon me Mr. Gillogly but this is a terrible picture as far as being helpful in solving the Morse code.

Well, here goes nothing:

.-  —  ..  –  ..  . (big dumb rock) —  .–.
.-.  -..  —  –.-  …  ..  –

Second line:  RDOQSIT or TISYOUR

As a compulsive skeptic, I don’t see how one would know the dits and dashes under the lodestone.  If someone has a better picture, please email it to me at kryptos@fan.com.  Thanks!

So putting them all together we get:


This is pretty much the commonly accepted translation.  The only deviations in mine is that it seems likely to be INTERPRETATIT and that I can’t make a definitive translation around the lodestone.  Whether it’s RQ or YR has been debated by several others.


I worked to clarify the interpretat- dilemma and feel confident is saying that it is INTERPRETATIT.