Not long ago Zoidygirl described something she was attempting and then shared her results which I would like to share with you.

“Hey guys – Ive been playing with the grid of the remaining cipher text and interestingly when arranged in seven columns you can see an illusion to the text in K1. Between subtle shading … lies an iqlusion – you can then see BULL running vertically (bull as in BS as in lies), also there is an ADD, CUT and DIG reference at the bottom. I’ve followed the qlu’s as far as the co-ordinates in K2 but have been unable to sort them into any decent form. Whether this steganographical method only provides us with keywords at this stage is unknown. Im picking this is how we retrieve the key then we proceed to deciphering.”

k4idea on Kryptos from Zoidygirl

“Well here is the idea I posted on your K4 site. Unfortunately I have abandoned the idea as the results were confusing and everytime I read the plaintext I came up with yet another inconclusive clue.  To me it is now an idea to be balled up and thrown in the waste basket but it may trigger something in your pursuits.”