O.K. Connery Operation Kid Brother, Operation 007, Secret Agent 00 (1967)

This is the epitome of the Eurospy genre.  If you watch no other shitty Bond replicant, then watch this one.

Oh my God, there’s so much, I don’t even know where to begin!  So in a world inundated with Bond knockoffs, Dario Sabatello has this inspired vision to take the actual Bond actor’s brother and put him in a movie as Bond’s brother.  That alone should have guaranteed it a cult following.  Add to that Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell, Daniela Bianchi, Adolfo Celi, and Anthony Dawson who were actually in actual Bond movies?  Classic!  The rest is just Eurospy trash: hypnotist plastic surgeon archer, bad guys who look like French sailors, a bevy of assassin spy girls, British Secret Service, a secret evil organization, a ridiculous plot, Scottish archers, an underground lair, a cavalry assault on a castle, etc. etc.

You may be asking why.  Why did they make a non-canon Bond movie?  Why did Sean’s brother and cast-mates get together and make this travesty?  Well, it’s a bit complicated but it’s basically because Bond was always more important and better paid than anyone else in the movies that carried him.  People would make a Bond movie and not realize it was a one-time gig (George Lazenby).  They would suddenly have money and fame that they’d never ever had before but once the hype died down, what were they left with?  Even some that were lucky enough to stay on, like Bernard Lee and Lois Maxwell, must have wanted more than what the Bond series could offer.  Take the sad story of Daniela Bianchi.  Her acting career lasted only 5 years after From Russia With Love, and her last movie was prophetically titled “The Last Chance”.  She was ethereally beautiful and a decent actress who could have been but wasn’t.  At least her story (and Lazenby’s) had a happy ending.

To the best of my knowledge, this movie does present the very first cinematic example of the premise that spying is a heritable trait.  Dr. Connery’s brother is a spy so therefore we are to believe that he has acquired some similar predisposition to the work.  A modern day incarnation would of course be the Spy Kids franchise.

It’s not very good and without the context of Connery and former Bond actors then it would simply be another shitty Eurospy bit of drivel one must endure to pass through the 1960’s offering of spy movies.


p.s.  Neil Connery looks more like a less charismatic and less attractive James Franco than Sean Connery to me.