Some Girls Do (1969)

Okayyy, more actual espionage in this one than Deadlier Than The Male but Drummond is still not a spy.

This sequel is definitely more campy but only a spy comedy at moments.

After doing a little helpful background reading on Bulldog Drummond, he’s a detective with all the characteristics of a Bond spy but is not a spy.  It’s actually a lot of fun reading descriptions about the character.  “Drummond is characterised as large, very strong, physically unattractive and an “apparently brainless hunk of a man”, He is six feet tall, weighs around 14 stone, and has a “cheerful type of ugliness which inspires immediate confidence in its owner”.  Take that into consideration with his racism, xenophobia, chauvinism and “distasteful” language and you have an offensive character that appeals to the lowest common denominator.  Instant commercial success!  Ironic that he’s an inspiration for Fleming’s Bond and yet his last 2 movies are panned as derivative Bond copies.

If you love the Bond movies in the middle of the series then you’ll probably like Deadlier than the Male and Some Girls Do.  Just keep in mind that they are about an adventurous insurance agent.  It’s not really soft-core per se, maybe more like Sears catalog (for those of you that will understand that reference) but I’d still be careful where you’re watching it because most shots have jiggly girly bits and that can be hard to explain at the office.

Not classically a spy movie but it is a Bond-style movie.