Spies Like Us (1985)


Best review?  “For the a movie in the 80’s it was great!”

It’s like there was this realization by comedians and decent studios in the 80’s that there was an alternative to Eurospy trash.  Instead of parodying Bond spies, they could have a laugh at actual spies and open up a whole new genre of spy comedy.

It’s the little things that make a movie like this awesome.  In the beginning of the movie, Fitzhume is watching “She’s Working Her Way Through College” with Ronald Reagan.  Why is this significant?  Because of the shots panning through the State Department (and Pentagon) showing the ubiquitous government facility framed pictures of the President.  Reagan is in his 2nd term and there is a measure of absurdity that the man doing show tunes in that movie is now the leader of the US. 

I liked it because it was among the new spy comedies.  I didn’t particularly always love it though and some of the jokes are only funny to Dan Aykroyd.  The movie starts well but gets a little lost when they land in Pakistan, at least as far as being funny.  They did humorous things in a humorous way but it wasn’t always hilarious.  The nostalgic part of me is saying to shut up and just appreciate an 80’s classic…

Plus if you want a time capsule of how American liberalism viewed American conservative government in 1985 then it will certainly prove interesting.


p.s.    If you lost your drogan’s decoder wheel to translate a static-filled triple-scrambled microwave transmission between two soldiers talking in Mandarin Chinese who used a simple polyphonetically grouped 20 square digit key transposed in booster-verdonic form with multiple nulls then here you are: