What has been seen cannot be unseen…

The weakness of anagramming is that you can find a lot of words that could mean a lot of things.  If you’re just looking to see if a word or two can be made from a collection of letters then it is a little different especially once you get into the 8-10 letter length.  Think of how hard it can be to just find a 7 letter word to beat grandma at Scrabble.  I’ve got to warn you though, once you know you can get a word from a section of Kryptos, it will lure you into trying all sorts of ways to show how to pull it out.

You can find Palimpsest and Abscissa in the Morse Code letters.  That’s a whoppin’ 18 letters to make only two words but we can all agree they are two very important words for solving Kryptos (at least quickly that is!).  Whether this is by design or just an accidental coincidence – I don’t think anyone knows just yet.  Another interesting occurrence is that you can find Abscissa in K1’s text and almost in order.

Between subtle shading and the absence of light lies the nuance of iqlusion.

It would be far more profound of a discovery if you could spell it out completely.  So we are left wondering if this is just some accident or purposeful or perhaps part of a way to find a keyword for K2.