Top Secret (1984)

I’m not sure how to describe this movie but it’s awesome and absurd.

It’s a parody of surf movies, a parody of rock stars trying to act, a parody of teen musical movies and a parody of serious WWII/Cold War spy movies.  It’s literally like they said, “Look, we’ve grown up on a lot of movie that everyone just took for granted, let’s make fun of them!”.  You may have a hard time understanding what year the plot is meant to be set in.  I found myself wondering why the East Germans were Nazis and not communists and what the French Resistance was doing in Germany.  There are so many little visual and audio gags fueling a large number of small but effective jokes that even if you don’t laugh at half of them, you’ll still laugh often enough to enjoy the movie.  Chocolate Mousse was my favorite by far, Eddie Tagoe was awesome.  Everyone was actually pretty funny.  Lucy Gutteridge was okay but limited by Abrahams and the Zucker bros to a foil with boobies.

The weakness in a movie that has so much absurdity is that it can be like your mostly funny friend who starts trying too hard to get a laugh and becomes sad or annoying.

Not sure what was up with the backwards bookstore scene and the Blue Lagoon homage came out of nowhere but was pretty funny.  The calf blow-job and bull sodomy seemed to push things a bit too far but that’s just an opinion.  Especially considering the beach orgy…

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The French Resistance reminded me of Saison Marguerite: